Golden Touch Aesthetics, Op. Dr. Halil İbrahim GÖKÇEK

Golden Touch Aesthetics, Op. Dr. Halil İbrahim GÖKÇEK

We are aware of the importance of plastic surgery operations. Therefore, we first aim to improve a patient’s psychology before improving physical appearance and intend to help the patient achieve the outlook he/she desires. With this aim in mind, we stand by our patients through every step of their transformation and serve them with real and true guidance that fits professionalism.

By sending a photograph online, the first consultation takes place. According to your trip plan, 20-40 minutes long, face-to-face consultation takes place on the first day of arrival or on the day of the operation.
Then, the operation method is decided, hair transplant map is organized and other procedures are planned accordingly. Blood tests take place before the operation.

Your newly transplanted hair will fall off partially during the first 3 months. On the 6th month after the operation, 50% of your hair will be recovered and your hair will start getting long. On the 9th month, 75% of your hair will be recovered. After 1 year, 100% of hair will complete the recovery process successfully.


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