Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant


There are approximatelty 5 million hair follicles.100,000-150,000 of these are on hairy skin area of the head.In a month,it normally grows 6-12 mm.

The thickness, color, density and character of hair change according tho ethnicity, age, sex and geographic location. Blond people are the group that has the most hair follicles in the hairy skin. Brunettes and dark-skinned people follow them. Red-haired people are the group that has the least hair follicles. Although hair is losing its significance for people as a protection, heat dissipation or camouflage tool, a healthy and normal hair appearance is stil important at social an personal relationships.

Reasons of Hair Loss

While malnutrition, burns, trauma etc. can cause hair loss for men and women, the mostly seen reason is hormonal hair loss which is called androgenic. At his kind of loss, except hereditary, receiving androgenic hormones ( manhood hormones ) for a long time causes the same kind of hair loss.

Androgenic Hormones

Both men and women bodies have the manhood hormones. Some of these are testosterone, androstenedione and dehidroepi testosterone (DHT).These hormones are excreted from testicles and surrenal glands in men and from ovaries and, surrenal glands in women but lesser amounts. As a result of receiving DHT for a long time, thinning and weakening in the hair and then hair loss occurs.

How DHT affects on these follicles?

The hair follicles that have genetic predisposition are rich in 5 alpha reductase enzyme. This enzyme is responsible from the transformation of DHT from testosterone. DHT goes and binds its receptor and effects cell metabolism and causes the decreasey of the natural cycle of the hair. In the early phases of the hair loss, hair gets tiny (miniatırizatiom) and lose pigments so becomes lighter. The medicines that are recommended [(Rogain (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride)] inhibit 5 alpha reductase enzyme so DHT do not increase in the hair roots. Nape hairs and the hairs over the ears (donor areas) do not have 5 alpha reductase activity so they are not lost. In hair transplantation, the hairs that are taken from these areas as they are insensitive to DHT, do not lost although there is testosterone. The time of the beginning or cessation degree of the losscannot be estimated. The most important thing here is the genetic predisposition. It is programmed in the embryonic life with the genes that we gain from our mothers and fathers.


There is no direct relation between age and hair loss. People that have genetic predisposition, which means there are people that have progressive hair loss in their family, can have hair loss at the age of 20s.The most intensive age interval for hair loss is in between 25 and 35 yeras. After te age of 45s, it gets slower but we sould see hair losses that start at the age of 40s and continue rapidly.


Hair Mesotherapy

It is a treatment type aims to stop hair loss, to improve the quality of existing hair and activate new exit points of hair by injecting medicines into hair follicles with small needles on hair skin [into middle layer of skin) in every week.
It takes 8-10 sesions that lasts 20 minutes and is applied with the combination of special mesotherapy needles and medicines. Sessions can be weekly,15-days or monthly. This treatment type is applied all around the world.

Laser Hair Theraphy

Hair is combet for 10 minutes with a comb that gives light and heat which improves blood circulation before mesotherapy, it is aimed to improve the affects of the medicine that is applied weekly. This strengthens the hair and feeds it. Its all effects depend on heat and light. Increase the blood circulation preparies hair skin for mesotherapy by massaging.

Restoring Hair with FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Technique

This technique depends on extracting hair follicular units with special needles but not using surgical blades (scalpel).Upper layer of the skin extracted with the 0.8 mm sized needles by leaving the hair in the middle and again with these special tools the follicular unit is removed without harming the lower loose tissues. Every follicular unit consists of 1-2 hair and their roots. Before this operation the areas are applied with local anesthesia, taken follicles are transplanted one by one to the hairless area.There are advantages of this technique.First one is that,the tiny holes that follicles are transplant are closed without leaves scar. Sessions can be applied in every day and 600-800 hair follicles can be taken in every session. In the whole sessions, 3.000 hair follicles can be transplanted and there is no bleeding, numbness, scar or need for removing suturesat recipient area. As hairy skin cordon is not removed from the nape area, healing is faster than normal. If there is not enough hair at the head, follicular units can be taken from other parts (chest, back, abdomen, leg etc) of the body and transferredto the head. The number of hair at a person’s head is not a criterion for being a candidate for operation. Despite all of these advantages, as all the hair follicles are removed one by one by the surgeon, it gets more expensive and it takes longer time than classical technique. At Standard hairy skin excision technique (classical hair transplantation) 2000-3000 follicular units is ecquired in one session.

Cutting Edge Technology at Hair Transplantation: Hair Transplantation with Motorized FUE
This is application that prevents hair loss with the speed affect of FUE motor in a short time without leaving a trace. There is no need for removing the sutures, and it makes no pain, no harm to the hair tissue. The hair is shaved with number 3 before application. Hair channels are opened at hairless area for new hair roots which be transplanted. Hairs are planed to the channels that are taken from hairy parts of the body one by one or two by two. As the operation is implemented with a technique that allows taking any number of hair root, average 3000 hair can be transferred in a day. The operation is totally painless.

BHT (Body Hair Transplant)

Hair that is taken from chest an other hairy parts of the body can be transferred to the hairless areas with FUE technique with the help of a special punch tool. In hairlessness treatment for people that demand more frequent hair, if the nape area does not have enough hair to transfer, body hair can be preferred. Although they do not have the hair character as the head, have more blood circulation and has higher feding ability, body hairs can grow more at hair skin. It is not an “always-preferred” method, but can be used as an alternative.500 body hairs can be transferred to the head in one session.

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